FREE Lil’ Piñatas!*

*I plan to give away several batches of Lil’ Piñatas to good causes this year. I’m taking requests and ask that you follow the directions listed below. Read the rest of this entry


Happy Birthday!

My son turns one this year and I’m excited to make his second Lil’ Piñata that celebrates his first year with us. I’m working on color selection and design with his mo.
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Lil’ Piñatas in the Mission

I’m selling my Lil’ Pinatas at the Encantada Gallery of Fine Arts in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA. Visit the store at 904 Valencia Street @ 20th Street. Read the rest of this entry

LUCHADOR Lil’ Piñatas FLINC Photo Shoot

The other day my friend Scott came by to photograph my LUCHADORS for his website FLINC. He brought over a DIY light box, nice! All the pictures you see were taken by Scott, and he did a great job. Read the rest of this entry


I made this LUCHADOR Lil’ Pinata in protest to the recent SB 1070 law that was passed and currently being challenged in Arizona. I do believe that this law is wrong and should be taken down. I’m in solidarity with the movement to boycott Arizona. Read the rest of this entry

My first Quinceañera!

Recently, I receive a custom order to design a Lil’ Piñata for a Quinceañera.

The customer asked for the colors pink and purple to used in the design, they were the colors her daughter liked. Based on her request, I sent my digi design concept, created one prototype, and completed the 30 piñatas she ordered to be delivered to her home. Read the rest of this entry

New Lil’ Piñata Luchador Series

New Lil’ Piñata Luchador Series coming to FLINC in June. It’s a super duper (ONLY 20) limited edition series I created for Visit their site and tell them Lil’ Piñatas sent you.

Lil’ Piñatas now available in Oakland, CA

I’m excited to announce that you can now buy my Lil’ Piñatas at Corazón del Pueblo in Oakland, CA!

Corazón del Pueblo, serving Oakland and the Bay Area for over 10 years. We are the premiere retailer of Chicano, Mexican and Latin American folk art celebrating major cultural holidays and celebrations. Our motto is that we celebrate “Artesania” and the hands that make it. We are confident you will find what you are looking for here at Corazón del Pueblo, if not on-line then pay us a visit! (Text taken from their website.)

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Working on new Luchador Lil’ Piñatas Series for FLINC

I have 20 more Luchador Lil’ Piñatas in a variety of colors and designs that will be available soon on my friend’s site FLINC. These great folks would love to sell my Luchador Lil’ Piñatas. Look for them soon… like in 2 weeks, maybe less, okay starting May 24, so it’s kinda like two weeks but not quite. Hope you like them. Read the rest of this entry

What a day!

I set up shop at the Galeria de la Raza today and even though sales were slow, I met some great people. I met folks who have been involved with the Galeria in the past and other artists. Big props to the Galeria for hosting this event. There were some talented artists and designers in the room. Read the rest of this entry