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Radio Bandido Documentry Film Fundraiser

I’m excited to support this great cause! Click on the link to donate and be one of the 50 people to get a handmade Bandido Lil’ Pinata! Read the rest of this entry


Limited Edition Series

Throughout the year I design short runs of my Lil’ Piñatas, designs that include my Estrellas and LUCHADORES. Depending on the design, the price varies. I announce the release of each series to my Facebook audience, then to the general pubic.

I like to make a special Christmas Lil’ Piñata. My family’s Christmas tree was decorated with over 10 Estrella Lil’ Piñatas. I love making them and designing new models. I’m currently experimenting with LED lights and designing a Lil’ Piñata making workshop/demonstration.

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FREE Lil’ Piñatas!*

*I plan to give away several batches of Lil’ Piñatas to good causes this year. I’m taking requests and ask that you follow the directions listed below. Read the rest of this entry


I made this LUCHADOR Lil’ Pinata in protest to the recent SB 1070 law that was passed and currently being challenged in Arizona. I do believe that this law is wrong and should be taken down. I’m in solidarity with the movement to boycott Arizona. Read the rest of this entry

Viva Obama! Limited Edition

Cost $25 each. There are 44 in the set. The cones are decorated with blue glitter, circle base is covered in red tissue paper, circle picture framed with silver detail, photo of Obama’s side profile on one side and a image of his campaign logo on the other, features 3 colors streamers, red, blue, white.

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Lil’ Piñata Corazón

Lil’ Piñata Corazón!

This lovely piñata is heart shaped, covered in red glitter, with a scroll that reads TE QUIERO or I LOVE YOU, and with a silver hang string. It’s perfect for that love in your life or to buy for yourself, we all need a little love.