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My Little Piñatas Background

Several years ago I thought it would be cool to find a little piñata to hang from the rear view mirror in my car. I searched several places and didn’t find anything so I started to make it myself.  After trial and error, I finally created My Little Piñatas! Tissue paper, glue, thick paper, string, and tape is all I needed to get the job done. Each Little Piñata is no bigger than the size of my palm, about 3.5 inches tall and wide. They all come with a string for you to hang from. Each has a secret item inside them that makes them rattle.

Now I create limited edition series and take custom orders. I’ve customized My Little Piñatas for birthdays, weddings, and cultural events. You can pick the color for the circle base, cones, foil frame, streamers, and optional photo placement. I can place small photos on each side of the piñatas, giving you creative control to designing your Little Piñata.

I create My Little Piñatas when I can and release them in limited editions series. I have holiday specials and take custom orders.

Artist Background

Isaías D. Rodríguez is an independent multimedia producer and artist. Originally from Boyle Heights, CA, Isaías moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1996, where he explored video production and multi-media art.

The body of his work has focused on youth media and Chicano/Latino culture. In San Francisco he joined the local television production Viva la Vida, a Latin@ variety show started by his brother. The show gave him the chance to produce, direct, and edit. A year later he founded his own production, Rodríguez Brothers Production c/s. Working for the Pacific News Service for over 6 years, he organized statewide multimedia events, taught writing workshops in juvenile hall, created/directed a youth television show, YO! TV, and founded/directed PoetryTelevision.com, a website dedicated to celebrating the word and its voice. Working for the Just Think Foundation, a non-profit youth media literacy organization, Isaías taught digital video production at City Arts and Technology High School. He spent over 5 years working in art education and media production at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. He co-curated the Días de los Muertos exhibition at the Oakland Museum of CA in 2009 and featured that work in Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts’ Dia de los Muertos Exhibition in 2010.

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